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21 Factors that Affect Your Blood Glucose

Your blood sugar numbers are great, right? Most people that answer “Yes”, may base this on a fasting glucose test performed as part of a yearly checkup. Unfortunately, this test is far from comprehensive and doesn’t show you a full picture of how you’re managing glucose on a daily basis. …

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7 Strategies to Break Your Bad Nutrition Habits

We eat the way we do for a myriad of underlying reasons, and many of these factors weren’t necessarily in our control when our behavior development around food started. Some human eating behaviors even come from our remote ancestors and instinctual survival needs! With habits being so deeply rooted, they …

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A Faster Metabolism Can Be Yours

Metabolism has a much more significant role in how we look and feel with each passing decade. Symptoms of aging like loss of muscle mass, motivation, memory decline, and hormonal imbalances are all related to your metabolism. When we say "I want a faster...

Calories, Thermodynamics, & Your Goals

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in our overall health and well-being. Understanding the principles of thermodynamics can provide valuable insights into how our body weight is influenced by the food we consume. This article will explore the fundamental concepts of...

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