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21 Factors that Affect Your Blood Glucose

Your blood sugar numbers are great, right? Most people that answer “Yes”, may base this on a fasting glucose test performed as part of a yearly checkup. Unfortunately, this test is far from comprehensive and doesn’t show you a full picture of how you’re managing glucose on a daily basis. …

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7 Strategies to Break Your Bad Nutrition Habits

We eat the way we do for a myriad of underlying reasons, and many of these factors weren’t necessarily in our control when our behavior development around food started. Some human eating behaviors even come from our remote ancestors and instinctual survival needs! With habits being so deeply rooted, they …

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10 Foods for Healthy Mitochondria

Mitochondria have earned their position as the "powerhouses" of our cells. The energy mitochondria produce is involved in some of the most important biologic processes in our bodies. Being responsible for most of your body’s functions, your mitochondria have an enormous impact on your health and longevity, specifically as protectors …

Grass Fed Steak with Bacon Dressed Spinach and Roasted Vegetables Meal
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10 Ways to Raise Your HRV Score

Tracking HRV over time can be a useful tool in identifying imbalances in our autonomic nervous system (ANS), which regulates many aspects of our biology including all aspects of our cardiovascular system like blood pressure, heart rate, etc. High HRV is associated with better overall health, including greater cardiovascular health and less …

Heart rate variability can be tracked by wearable technology

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