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Weight Loss

Are Cheat Meals a Good Idea?

When I think of cheat meals, my first thought is of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He is known to share his weekly cheat meals on social media, often consisting of massive stacks of pancakes, an entire XXL pizza to himself, or a pyramid of mouth-watering brownies. His weekly nutrition regimen …

Weight Loss

Ask the MD: Do Calories Really Matter?

Calories are the foundation of nutrition. They are units of energy we consume and burn off all day, every day. They are listed at the top of every nutrition label, and they are the notorious defining variable of several diets. But how important are calories to your success? 

Weight Loss

Carb Cycling for Women

Carb cycling is an excellent strategy for women who want to optimize their body composition while maintaining their exercise performance. However, the typical approach of alternating almost daily doesn’t match with female hormone cycling. The ideal approach for women is to plan for 2-week cycles of high and low carb …

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Common Diet Problems

HOW TO ADDRESS TODAY’S MODERN NUTRITIONAL PROBLEMS In a recent article, Kris Gunners of Authority Nutrition wrote about “Everything that’s wrong with the Modern Diet“. We do tend to agree with many of Kris’s points and thought we would list them, while also showing...

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