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Metabolic Currency

As we age, it's common for our metabolism to slow down and muscle mass to decrease. This can lead to weight gain and a host of other health issues. However, it's not inevitable that our metabolism must decline as we get older. We can use many strategies to maintain...

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How to Talk Yourself Out of Take-Out

“I’m so hungry!  I just need to finish this errand and then I can hit the drive-thru and—no. No!  It’s fast.  It’s easy.  It’s terrible.  Terrible quality, terrible ingredients—I promised myself I’d toss the takeout and start eating...

How to Make Healthy Eating Part of Your Workday

If you work in an office, you’re likely to experience stress that can impact your appetite. Stress triggers the release of adrenaline and cortisol that can ramp up your appetite or kill it altogether. The effects of stress combined with temptations like happy hours and potlucks can make or break …

The Sourcing Magician – Employee Spotlight with Brent Pownall  

Grocery shopping for thousands of customers, juggling about ten different spreadsheets, all while keeping eyes on the shipments and what’s coming and going from the kitchen is a casual day for Brent. His ability to find creative solutions to sourcing road blocks,...

Meal Timing: Is Intermittent Fasting the Best Strategy?

In recent years, intermittent fasting has become a mainstream option for individuals trying to lose weight or improve their overall health. Intermittent fasting often means skipping the typical time for breakfast, pushing the “break fast” meal until noon or later. So, what’s the deal? Is it better to eat breakfast …

Does Sugar Weaken Your Immune System?

The bottom line: Yes, sugar intake weakens the immune response and impacts your overall health through a complex interplay of hormonal, metabolic, and immunologic processes.

How Bad is Sugar, Really?

Too much sugar in our diets can be one of the biggest threats to modern health. Yet, in the year of 2020 when stress, anxiety and isolation is high, it’s fair to guess the average intake of 156 pounds of sugar a year, will be higher. Being educated on the …


What Happens to Your Body During a Month of Clean Eating?

Ready to make a habit out of healthy eating? Just one month of consuming whole, unprocessed foods benefits your health in a number of ways. Although following a clean diet can be difficult at first, the rewards will be worth it. Prepare for your clean eating journey with this guide.

Biohacking Blood Sugar: CGM for the Non-Diabetic

Are Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) the tech device of the future? In short, yes, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before glucose tracking becomes as widely available as activity trackers. A CGM is a beneficial tool to collect data to personalize a diet, lifestyle and quality of …

Sleep: The Ultimate Performance Enhancer

The days of wearing the “I only need 4 hours of sleep” like a productivity badge of honor needs to be over. Burning the candle at both ends only leads to poor health, bad decision making and burnout. Seven to eight hours of sleep seems to be the minimum per …

10 Foods for Healthy Lungs

Focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet through a variety of nutrient dense foods has numerous health benefits - including improving your breathing conditions. And even the right mix of nutrients can help you breathe easier.

Meal in container and human graphic highlighting lungs.

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