Common Diet Problems

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 15, 2023

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In a recent article, Kris Gunners of Authority Nutrition wrote about “Everything that’s wrong with the Modern Diet“.

We do tend to agree with many of Kris’s points and thought we would list them, while also showing how we address these issues at Metabolic Meals.

  1. Total sugar consumption has sky rocketed in the last 150 years, averaging 500 calories per day from sugar.
  2. Consumption of sodas has tripled since 1978.
  3. Total calories have gone up 400c since 1970.
  4. People have abandoned traditional fats in favor of processed vegetable oils.
  5. People replaced heart-healthy butter with trans-fat laden margarine.
  6. Soybean Oil has become a major source of calories.
  7. Modern Wheat is less nutritious than older varieties of wheat
    *(more on this later)
  8. Egg consumption has gone down.
  9. People are eating more processed food than ever before.
  10. The increased vegetable oil consumption has changed the fatty acid composition of our bodies.
  11. The low-fat Dietary guidelines were published around the same time the obesity epidemic started.

At Metabolic Meals, our nutritional protocols give customers a convenient option that addresses some of today’s dietary pitfalls. Here are our answers to Kris Gunnars’ points:

  1. We use VERY little added sugar to our meals. When we do add sugar, it tends to be in the form of coconut sugar and honey. Daily calories from added sugar are less than 60 calories or 15g.
  2. Our customers are steered away from sodas, both diet and regular. We encourage water, teas and no more than a few cups of organic coffee.
  3. Our calories fall below the national average. More importantly, our macronutrient ratio’s are set up to maximize health, fat loss and performance.
  4. We do not use processed vegetable oils. We use a variety of healthy fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil and animal fats from grassfed/free-range/wild-caught proteins.
  5. We do not use margarine and instead use butter.
  6. We do not use soy of any kind on our plan.
  7. While it’s true that today’s wheat is much different than wheat 100 years ago, we have found that many people do better by eliminating gluten. Our entire plan is gluten-free.
  8. We serve free-range eggs 2-3x per week.
  9. We do not use processed foods on our plan. Our meals are nutrient dense and contain high amounts of fiber.
  10. Healthy fats, found on our plan, have been shown to help people lose body fat, decrease inflammation, improve heart health and improve immune function.
  11. Our plan has a whole is not low-fat. We provide our customers with adequate amounts of healthy fats.


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