A Little Kick Start Is All You Need—Brooke’s Transformation Update

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Jan 31, 2024

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“Fitness is a journey” is thrown around often because there is no real end. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong adventure of small moments adding up to big wins. Which is the exact conversation we had with Brooke after finishing a 3-month transformation challenge in early 2023. As we get into 2024 we wanted to follow-up with Brooke and see what kind of big and small wins she’s had since then.  

M: It looks like after the transformation you worked on finding a sort of a maintenance routine. What did that look like for you?  

B: Maintenance for me was mentally a tough place to be at first. After seeing so much progress on the scale, I had to shift what my idea of “progress” or “success” was. I had to find wins in other ways. I was able to focus on getting stronger and using more food as fuel. 

From a food perspective, I was used to having to be as strategic as possible with my calories/protein. This gave me the flexibility to fit in some cheat meals here and there, but it really allowed me to understand what the 80/20 life really is.  

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M: How has your relationship with food and fitness evolved?  

B: My relationship with fitness has evolved so much. It used to feel like something I did to “stay in shape” or “lose weight” but now it feels like it adds value to my life in far more ways than that. Of course, I don’t wake up every day excited to go to the gym, but I trust in my routine so much now that I don’t have those thoughts of “hmmm should I skip today?” I feel so much stronger and capable than I ever have and I don’t ever want to lose that again. 

Food is where I’ve struggled the most in the past because I always had the mentality of good food vs bad food. Or I would think I needed to cut out certain foods to be healthy. What I’ve learned through this process is there is no reason to cut anything out, but you have to shift your mindset to adding and prioritizing the right foods. What will fuel me? What will satisfy me? Throughout this process I haven’t been told once that there are certain foods I can’t have; I’ve only been told that I need to hit a protein goal and stay within my calorie range. That leaves so much flexibility to still enjoy life. 

M: Any surprise lessons vs ones you anticipated?   

B: I used to think fitness and nutrition was some complicated secret recipe and you had to do everything a certain way to be fit. I think that is what had crippled me in the past from just getting started. Now I realize that it’s actually pretty simple. Adherence is the number one ingredient to getting results. 

M: What feels natural now that felt hard then?   

B: EVERYTHING lol. When people ask how I’m able to walk a minimum of 10k steps a day or consistently hit my protein goal it truly feels like a normal part of my life now. When you set yourself up for success it all comes so much easier. I meal prep every Sunday without fail. I go to bed and wake up at the same time pretty much everyday. I think the more you show up and do what you say you are going to do, the easier it becomes. Habits are not always easy to form, but once they are there they are equally as hard to break.  

M: What or who were key in supporting your journey?  

B: Metabolic Meals was instrumental in kicking off my transformation/fitness journey. It allowed me to focus on getting myself into a fitness routine without having to worry about figuring out how to meal prep to hit my macro goals. It really taught me what portion sizes looked like, what types of foods allowed me to hit my goals, and that healthy food can be delicious! I was able to look forward to my meals because of the menu changing and the variety of food there was. They’re great just to keep on hand for the times you’re in a pinch! 

Big shoutout to the Lift team!!! I can’t say enough good things about them. The gym itself is clean, organized, and full of top of the line equipment. But even better are the people who work there. Jenny is my performance coach who genuinely feels like a friend to me. She’s the biggest cheerleader and has a way of meeting me where I am. She has brought out the best in me. Additionally, everyone who works there is always cheering on my successes and checking in on me. Eric definitely has created something great in STL. 

Staying on track is a whole lot easier when you have other people in your life who have similar goals. My spouse has also joined in on a fitness journey which has made it much more enjoyable and easier to make this a full lifestyle change. Also, my mom is a huge inspiration for me – she is in her 60s (you’d never know it) and has a great fitness/nutrition routine. We bounce ideas off of each other and motivate each other to keep going. 

M: Any new goals big or small? What are you working towards?  

B: My job relocated me to Chicago at the beginning of the year, so I feel like my routine/habits are fully being put to the test. My short term plan is to find the routine that works for me with such a big change. My long term plan is to continue to feel like my best self. I feel so strong, healthy, and unstoppable right now and I don’t want to lose that feeling. 

M: Was there any positive spill over to other aspects of life?  

B: Interestingly enough, I had one of the best years of my life while going through this transformation. I got a promotion at work (which led to my move to Chicago). I’m generally more positive because I feel better and am more confident in myself. I feel like my good habits have worn off on the people around me and it’s making my circle a more positive environment. 

M: What are you most proud of?  

B: I’m most proud that this was supposed to be a 12 week challenge and I continued to put the work in for longer than a year now. I can’t ever imagine myself going back now. 

M: Anything else you’d like to share?  

B: I hope that anyone who is unhappy with their fitness, wellness, nutrition knows that any and every small change that they are willing to make will compound into bigger changes long term. 

Brooke’s journey reflects the transformative power of consistent effort and positive habits. Her resilience, shift in mindset, and commitment to long-term well-being serve as an inspiring reminder that even small changes can lead to profound and lasting improvements in fitness, wellness, and overall happiness. Congratulations Brooke!  

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