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Chili Colorado

Over the years our chefs have become proficient in the artistry of slow cooking meat. The key is to find that perfect blend of sweet caramelization, subtle spice and a juicy flavor. However, the true secret is patience. When it comes to creating that fork-tender...

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Fall Harvest Chicken Risotto

Trying to find an authentic risotto can be a hard feat to accomplish. Thankfully, Metabolic Meals has mastered the artistry behind this well-loved Italian dish with our Fall Harvest Chicken Risotto. To get that distinct flavor and creamy texture usually only found...

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Nashville Hot Chicken

Inspired by the legendary Tennessee specialty, the chefs at Metabolic Meals have put their spin on a healthier, gluten-free version of the southern treat we’re all craving: Nashville Hot Chicken. Our take on this signature dish starts with all-natural chicken...

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