How to Eat for Ketosis

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 18, 2023

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Ketogenic dieting is a method of forcing your body into ketosis — the state of burning fat to use ketones as energy instead of relying solely on glucose. It means training your body to burn excess fat while helping it regulate blood sugar levels more efficiently. 

The secret lies in the process of switching your body’s main energy source from sugar to fat. Doing so means starving your cells of glucose until it’s forced to burn fat for energy, and that requires eliminating most or all of the carbs from your diet. It also means introducing more proteins and healthy fats into every meal, and most importantly, sticking to the meal plan long enough to properly sustain ketosis. 

When fat is your body’s main source energy, you should focus on monosaturated fat as your primary fuel.

Ketogenic eating has proven to be valuable for weight loss, diabetes reversal and has also been used to shrink tumors in cancer studies. The Ketogenic diet is quite restrictive and may not be the best option for long-term healthy eating; however, you may find that utilizing this eating style for a month before slowly reincorporating carbohydrates could be a great jumpstart. 

What a Sample Day Looks Like

Protein | 25% 
Carbohydrates |
Fats | 

Breakfast | Keto Scrambler 

Morning Snack| 2 oz Pecans 

Lunch | Bison Burger & Brussels + 1 oz. Olive Oil

Afternoon Snack | Keto Cookie

Want to design your own day? Check out the menu and use the Keto filter for ready-made meals, signature sides, premium proteins and desserts.

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