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by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 18, 2023

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From being a multi-sport athlete to IFBB Bikini Pro to getting my degree in kinesiology and building my own health coaching business– it’s fair to say, I have A LOT of personal and professional experience. Check out my road to self-discovery, how I support my clients and yes of course, what I eat in a day!  

My current macro breakdown is 160 grams of protein, 300 grams of carbs, and 60 grams of fat— I’ve been here maintaining weight for about 6 months. I often take weeks off tracking just to practice my intuition and my weight hangs steady. I feel great from a performance, maintenance, energy and satiation standpoint! Working my metabolism up using our HOFIT Metabolic Reboot System has been the best thing for me. I can take vacation, have 2-3 drinks on the weekend, eat out, etc. and not worry about my intake or repercussions on the scale.

Hannah Osmon  
BS in Kinesiology 
AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
IFBB Bikini Professional
Owner & Head Coach HOFit

What I Eat In A Day

  • 5:30 am | Glass of Water

Mealtimes vary a tad, but I typically wake up around 5:30 or 6am and drink a tall glass of water. Water intake has always been a bit of a struggle for me, so I’ve found it useful to ‘habit stack’ my first glass with something I enjoy – aka COFFEE! I’ll drink my glass of water while the coffee is brewing and bam, it’s caffeination time.    

  • 6 am | Fitness B5 Coffee + Breakfast Biscuits 

With coffee, I’m a basic B5 (my slang for the b word that has 5 letters). I enjoy it with a little sugar free vanilla creamer and 1 scoop of salted caramel collagen from 1st Phorm. I top that sexy cup of joe with some sugar free whip because life is just too dang short to skip the whip. I pair my collagen protein coffee with some Belvita breakfast biscuits for an easy morning treat while I’m working.  

  • 10 am | Breakfast Burrito + Berries

My first work block goes until about 10:00am so that’s when I stop for my legit breakfast. I like to do a scramble with 150g egg whites and whole egg. Top that with 1/2 an avocado wrapped in a tortilla and add some strawberries and blue berries on the side to make it oh so delicious.   

My next work block is from 11-3 where I’m typically checking in with my team, taking discovery calls with potential clients, doing some social media management and planning, etc. After that work block is finished, it’s time to eat a pre-workout meal and get my head right for the gym! Depending on how rushed I am out the door, I will adjust the types of nutrients I’m consuming—but it always includes carbs and protein, the two most important foods to get in pre workout. We eat carbs for fuel and protein for muscle retainment and recovery.  

Ideally, I like having a legit meal in my stomach about an hour prior to the gym. This can be a bit more nutrient dense and ‘heavy’ because I’m allowing it to digest and do its thing for about an hour before I go to the gym. I’ve found that this gives me the best energy, performance, and pumps while I’m in the gym. This could be 4oz chicken with 200g sweet potato and a lot of pickles for the sodium pump (necessary for muscle contractions, nutrient transportation, and performance) or 4oz lean ground beef with 150g of basmati rice and again, pickles galore.  

If I’m eating and immediately going to the gym, I don’t want that food setting too heavily in my stomach, so I may gravitate toward something a little lighter and faster digesting, etc. This doesn’t mean light on calories because it’s vital to have that fuel for training–but if it can be less volume and more calorically dense, that’s what I’ll grab. For example, banana and a pre-made protein shake; a beef jerky stick with 3-4 rice cakes; or cereal and a pre-made protein shake. These are the fast-digesting carbs and proteins that are easy on my digestion.  

I’ll be done training around 6 and come home to immediately start dinner prep if I don’t have one of my handy Metabolic Meals 😉 This meal can look like steak, rice, and veggies; chicken, potatoes and veggies; or a big salad with protein and a carb on the side (chips & salsa or bread). Sometimes we’ll even do taco Tuesday, or a basic protein with sweet potato fries. Dinner is pretty flexible, as long as it’s close to my daily macro targets.    

  • 9:30 pm | Cereal + Nut Butter

My team and I have a running joke that I eat like a toddler. I love snack cakes, candies, fruit bowls, and cereal! This is where my kid-at-heart comes out to play. Every single evening, I have at least one bowl of cereal. My favorites are PeanutButter Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles. I often top that with a tablespoon of nut butter, because why not!?  

Want to design your own day? Check out the menu for ready-made meals, signature sides, premium proteins and desserts.

How I got Here

My upbringing with nutrition and body consciousness was, for a long time, a rocky one. Having family and societal pressures to stay extremely thin for ‘beauty standards’ led me to have a very self-conscious relationship with my body, food, and exercise at a young age. I grew up as a 6-sport athlete, two of which were weight conscious (cheerleading & wrestling). I’d be caught skipping school lunches, putting on my sauna suit, and running laps on the track to make weight.  

Even though I didn’t realize it was an issue back then, those unhealthy habits were exacerbated when I found bodybuilding and competing. 4 years of extreme competing, 12 shows, 4 national shows, and an IFBB Bikini Pro card later, I was honestly a mess. I didn’t have a sense of what a harmonized healthy lifestyle looked like, or how to have a good relationship with myself. My worth was defined by competitions and earning plastic trophies. The years of dangerous protocols, overtraining, restrictive meal plans, and binge/restriction cycles left me with a horrible relationship with food and a horrendous internal dialog.  

Ultimately, bodybuilding taught me so much about myself, inside and out—but especially the process of breaking beliefs, smashing limits, extreme ownership, and fortitude to name a few. It also showed me what not to do and how not to serve my clients.  

My Training and Nutrition Philosophy

After my experience with the old-school bodybuilders and the cookie-cutter plans that had a complete disregard for humans, their metabolic health, psychological well-being, and longevity, I made a commitment to not let any of my clients go through what I did. This desire to work with my clients and make sure they feel heard, cared for, and truly supported is the backbone of HOFIT. I am so freaking passionate about what we do! 

My leadership experience in collegiate athletics, becoming a personal trainer while going to school, and still managing my own competition prep set me up well to launch HOFIT online. After earning my bachelor’s in kinesiology and logging nearly 2,000 personal training sessions, I took my business online in 2017. Since then, HOFIT has helped more than 1,000 women fix their metabolisms, improve their relationship with food, achieve their fat loss goals, and reach a healthy place of sustainability forever. 

Our philosophies are science-backed, client-centric, and sustainably driven. Harmony of health, fitness, and mindset is paramount. We never prescribe, we teach. For example, with our Flex to Flourish System – we teach the basics of macros—the what, how, and why! Generally this means, a client will diligently track their food and we have conversations about their experiences with different ratios and types of protein, carbs and fats as they learn to make healthy decisions for their body and goals. It’s great when a client eventually gets to the point of not needing to track every meal and can roughly estimate the macros by looking at their food! Building from a couple intuitive days to a full intuitive week is how we support them through this nutrition evolution.  

Our ultimate goal is to give our clients the tools to maintain the compositional changes they’ve achieved, the metabolic health they’ve worked hard for, and the health, fitness, and mindset harmony they’ve newly established.  

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