Stress-Free Family Dinners: How to Accommodate Dietary Concerns with Prepared Meal Delivery

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 18, 2023

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Real talk: the quest for the ever-elusive “work-life balance” is one of the biggest challenges for working parents. Keeping the family healthy and happy at dinnertime is a stress that can throw off the balance fast.

For a mother struggling with her own serious health concerns, dinner gets even trickier.

Take it from Jenny, a busy mom who is battling polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). On top of her health concerns, her husband’s job takes him away from home for weeks at a time, leaving her to juggle their daughter’s competitive swimming schedule and after-school commitments on her own.

Jenny tried several things to save time and make sure everyone in the family was eating healthy, but none worked out.

Until she started using a meal delivery service.

We spoke with Jenny and she shared the top 5 ways Metabolic Meals has changed her family’s lifestyle:

1. Prepared Meal Delivery Eliminates Meal Prep Boredom

“Before Metabolic Meals, I tried to cook healthy meals like fresh fish, chicken, vegetables, and salad, but it just wasn’t working for me. It was inconvenient on so many levels. Plus, if I was going to cook, it was easier for me to cook a lot at a time. But after three or four days of the same meals, we would get tired of it. No matter what I tried to do, it was not working for us. But now, I honestly love every meal that has ever come. I do a happy dance every time I eat something, no matter what it is.”

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2. Prepared Meal Delivery Makes Eating Healthy Easy

“The title of your brand, Metabolic Meals, immediately caught me. That’s the whole thing that I’m dealing with — metabolic issues. No matter how much I tried to plan healthy meals, I wasn’t getting the proper nutrition. Before Metabolic Meals, I even went to a dietician and asked, ‘What am I doing wrong?’

“I tried Nutrisystem. I’ve tried Weight Watchers. I tried both of those diabetic options. When I started fixing meals for myself, I tried the basic three meals a day, I tried the six meals and snacks a day, and I always seemed hungry no matter what I did. I know they work for some people, but that’s just not what was working for me.

“If you’re not giving your body the proper fuel, it makes no difference. I’m realizing that for myself. I was looking for the balance of the perfect starches, protein, and nutrients. The way Metabolic Meals are put together is everything that I’ve needed to help with the PCOS. No matter what I tried, I didn’t see a difference until I started eating these meals.”

3. Prepared Meal Delivery Helps with Food Intolerances

“I think all along I’ve had some form of a gluten intolerance. I see a huge, huge change with being gluten-free, which I never thought I would. I used to have horrendous headaches, but since I started eating the meals — knock on wood — I’ve quit having headaches. But, I think eating gluten-free, thanks to Metabolic Meals, has been a life-altering thing for me that I didn’t know that I needed until I tried it.”

4. Prepared Meal Delivery Eliminates Stress

“With Metabolic Meals, my stress level around food has gone from about a 95 to a zero. I was constantly on Pinterest looking for foods that would coordinate with the ingredients we had and what my husband and daughter would eat. But getting Metabolic Meals delivered to my door means I can have food on the table for us within 10 minutes, and there’s no prep or cleanup involved, so my stress level is almost completely gone. With my daughter being very busy and my husband being gone quite often, having the stress of preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner taken away is phenomenal. It really is.”

5. Prepared Meal Delivery is Great for Kids, Too!

“My daughter’s 10 years old, and she’s on a competitive swim team. Right now, during school, she practices three days a week. She’s also in a gifted and talented program, so she’ll sometimes go straight from that to swim practice. So having basically five-star meals on the table for her in a matter of minutes is life changing for us.

“She will completely clean her plate. When she picks out the meals she wants, we sit down together. Before we actually start putting them in the cart, we look at everything, and it’s like, “Oh, man, that looks good. Okay, I want one of these. No, I want two of these.” I let her pick her seven meals out herself.

“I have PCOS, and I think it’s something she will be plagued with also. I think every woman in my family has been plagued with it. So I’m trying very, very hard to make her understand that food is her fuel. The way the food makes my daughter and I both feel is amazing.

Jenny’s Recommendations for Parents

“I’d recommend Metabolic Meals for the convenience, the variety, and the health benefits as well. It makes me as an adult feel better, and it makes my child feel better. I also find that I do not waste food now. Since she’s in school, my grocery bill has gone down. We have such a variety that it never gets old.”

Life-Changing Results

“Not only do I see it as life changing for myself, but my family can also see it, physically and mentally. My husband, my daughter, and my mother can see it. They’re telling me, ‘We can actually see your life changing because of these meals,’ and that is the honest truth. I really feel that these meals are life changing for me and my daughter, and I want everyone to know that.

Inspired by Jenny’s story? Interested in trying Metabolic Meals for yourself and your family? Learn more and start your path to a healthier life today.

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