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by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 15, 2023

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Our clean label meals are delivered nationwide in low-waste, biodegradable and recyclable packaging that keeps your meals cold for up to 12 hours after delivery.

Meal Containers
Our meal containers are curbside recyclable—just be sure to completely peel off the film and wash them out first. To easily remove the film, cut all 4 sides and just leave the corners connected to make it easier to open after warming.

Are you looking for ways to reuse these? Consider using them as drawer organizers, growing seedlings indoors, or as watering bowls for pets.

Thermal Liners
We use two different liners. The brown one is curbside recyclable. The all-natural non-woven fiber blend liner is 100% biodegradable—just remove and recycle the plastic cover.

These liners also make great weed barriers in gardens and raised beds. Also, having one around as a knee pad for yard work is a great idea.

Gel Packs
The low-cost, nontoxic, non-caustic gel should be poured into the trash or spread in an isolated area of the yard or garden where pets do not have access. Then you can dispose of the rinsed film in a #4 recycle bin. Note that Glacier Ice gel is 99.5% water and will dehydrate to .5% of its weight. Whole gel packs may be disposed of in your waste bin according to local and state laws.

You can also toss one or two of these into the freezer to reuse in coolers for days at the beach, keeping beverages cold at your next backyard BBQ, or keeping food cold on a road trip.

Delivery Box
Our boxes are curbside recyclable.

You might find it helpful to break down a few and keep them stashed in a closet for storing seasonal clothing, wrapping Christmas presents, or building a fort.

Clean Meals Delivered Nationwide
It’s easier to reach your goals when the nutrition you need is delivered to your door. And it tastes amazing!

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