Finding A New Normal: How Andy and His Family Stay Healthy In Uncertain Times

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 18, 2023

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More frequently, families across the US are starting to see a new daily “normal” take shape. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, grocery store trips are limited, restaurants are closed – routines and schedules have shifted drastically. Most of our time now is spent in our homes, indoors, and away from others.

During this new “normal”, there’s one constant that must remain: we must be vigilant in keeping ourselves and our families healthy. In this difficult situation, it’s more important than ever to maintain healthy habits and encourage others to do the same.

Staying Healthy in Uncertain Times

Adopting healthy habits take time, planning, and patience – but it is achievable. And for Andy, one of our long time customers, he’s found that now, more than ever, it’s critical for him to eat well and stay active.

Andy’s journey to maintaining a healthy lifestyle started with his initial weight loss. He lost over 50 pounds with the help of our fully prepared meals, and has managed to sustain that weight loss for over 9 years.

How did he do it? He and his wife Kelly made health and nutrition a priority for the entire family.

Andy and his daughter.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of eating well and staying active. It’s reduced my anxiety, stress levels, and just increased my overall sense of well-being immensely. And Metabolic Meals has been a big part of that.”

The shift towards what’s become our current normal was quick, and it’s essential now that we maintain healthy habits and keep our bodies strong.

Andy shared with us what has kept him and his family on track over the years:

1. Expert Nutrition, Simplified.

Planning ahead and sticking to a meal schedule is a great way to maintain a healthy diet – especially when more recently, familiar schedules and routines may have changed significantly.

Avoiding overeating and all-day grazing is a key component in keeping your body functioning optimally. For Andy and Kelly, the simplicity of having clearly labeled nutrition information has helped them stay on track and maintain their health.

“We are both very active and try to watch our caloric intake. I love being able to just type in the numbers into my calorie counter and not put any further thought into my nutrition for the night.”

Meal container in airtight packaging.

2. Convenience.

Andy and Kelly agree, the time saving component for them alone has been a major benefit. Having healthy meals planned and prepared for them is a game changer.

They order once for the entire week and in turn, have one less thing to worry about for them and their family.

“We simply don’t have the time to cook every evening and to know that when I come home, I have a fresh, healthy meal in 3 minutes, that’s the best.”

Box of meals in containers.

3. Reliable Service

When looking to maintain healthy habits, having a solution you can rely on is key. Diets initially help with weight loss or reaching a certain goal, but ultimately, it’s important to think about long-term sustainability.

For Andy and Kelly, they found for a premade meal service they could rely on when they need it most.

Healthy eating is a consistent a part of their family’s daily life, and Metabolic Meals has been a big part of their solution. They fuel themselves with the best and in turn, feel their best – finding balance amidst their busyness and new normal.

“We order the dinners and eat them almost every night during the week. The meals are the perfect portion size, they’re fresh, and we can count on them every night.”

Andy and his family

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