Eating for Strength, Power and the Love of Food With Arianna Luther

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 18, 2023

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As a Strength/Power Athlete, I don’t track exact grams, but typically stay within the 40% Carb, 35% Protein, 25% Fat macronutrient range. I eat this way because it’s what I enjoy. My philosophy is simple: we have the power to choose foods we love and base our meal choices off our preferences. There are so many recipes that exist and can meet all our needs if we put forth the effort and prioritize our health.

Here’s how I apply that philosophy in my own life and navigate my busy schedule as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Hurricanes.

Arianna Luther, CSCS, SCCC
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Hurricanes

What I Eat In A Day

  • 7:30 am | Egg, Avocado + 8oz OJ + 16oz Water

Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day. It provides me with energy for the day and increases my concentration first thing in the morning. It also aids in making sure my lunch and dinner are not out of proportion because I skipped breakfast.

I have a busy work schedule that doesn’t always allow for lunch to be consumed exactly at noon each day, but I try and stay as close to that time as possible. Lunches and dinners are similar, as I don’t need a ton of variety to be satisfied. I pick my favorite protein, carb, and fat options and create meals based on those foods.

Carbohydrates are extremely important for energy. I make sure I have sufficient carbs for the day especially when I know my training will be longer in duration and higher in intensity. My protein percentages are slightly higher because of the strength training that I do. I require quite a bit of muscular repair due to the tearing of the muscle that takes place when I am in a strength phase–which is often. I mainly get fats through avocados or the cooking oils I utilize, as I don’t particularly enjoy eating nuts and seeds.

I was previously a gymnast training 20+ hours a week for more than a decade, so I always had a large appetite–until 2015 I never focused on the quality of the food I was putting into my body. My eating habits completely changed that year when I endured two shoulder surgeries. With the drastic decrease in physical activity, I needed to change the way I ate since I wasn’t training the way I had been. As a result of the surgeries, decrease in physical activity as well as appetite, and the atrophy, my eating changed drastically. I rebuilt how I viewed what I ate and how often I ate.

When I consciously made effort to put quality foods into my body, I noticed a very large change. I had higher energy and increased alertness, concentration, and efficiency in my day-to-day life. Building small, consistent habits around what I ate changed my life.

When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, I spent a lot of time honing my cooking style. I tried a lot of different recipes and new foods and I now have a few of those favorites on rotation. Meal-prepping on Sundays for the entire week has saved a lot of time and headaches throughout the week. This weekly habit provides for more efficient workdays and an overall healthy lifestyle that supports my training. 

Want to design your own day? Check out the menu for ready-made meals, signature sides, premium proteins and desserts.

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