Eat This, NOT That! Nutritional Support for IBS

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 15, 2023

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60 million people (about 20% of Americans) are dealing with some form of IBS. Some of the primary causes of IBS include: a low fiber processed diet, food allergies/sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, stress, leaky gut, and poor lifestyle choices such as drugs or alcohol.

If you have IBS you may notice that certain foods will cause symptoms to flare up. Avoiding these “trigger” foods and replacing them with foods that have more of an “anti-inflammatory” effect can greatly improve symptoms.

Lets take a look at foods you should be avoiding along with healthy replacements.

Trigger One: Refined GrainsIBS-1

People often overestimate the amount of fiber they are getting daily. Refined grains are not giving you much towards the 25g you should be taking in every day. Grains also happen to trigger inflammatory symptoms in many people. Loading up on vegetables is a MUCH better solution.

Trigger Two: Low Fat, Pasteurized DairyIBS-2

Low fat, pasteurized dairy can be very hard to digest and tends to quickly raise blood sugar. Instead, opt for full fat, raw dairy that helps heal the gut and balance microflora.

Trigger Three: Refined Oils

ibs-3Refined vegetable oils are very high in omega 6 often causing an imbalance of fatty acids. Using Coconut oil is a much better alternative as its easier to digest and has anti-viral/anti-microbial properties.

Other great fats include: avocado, grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil.

Trigger Four: Sugar

ibs-4The high amounts of sugar found in sodas and juices are known to lower immune function. Bad bacteria also loves to live on sugar. Trade in your high sugar drinks for at least 75 oz. of water everyday. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy digestive system without proper hydration.

Trigger Five: Processed Meat

ibs-5Protein deficiency is common in people with bowel disease, however quality must be a consideration. Animals that are free to roam and eat their natural diet contain more Omega 3’s.  This is important because Omega 3 is one of the most “anti-inflammatory” nutrients available.

Bonus Foods: Turmeric, peppermint oil and ginger.

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