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by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 15, 2023

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At Metabolic Meals we focus on the basic building blocks of nutrition – a healthy balance of macro nutrients where quality protein is king, flavor reigns queen, and variety is in the court.  

What That Looks Like On The Plate

  1. CALORIE RANGE. A healthy range supports your goals and builds good habits.
  1. NUTRIENT DENSITY. Foods full of micronutrients help prevent overeating. Think of this in terms of quality ingredients and a variety of flavors and colors.  
  1. BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL. A proper macro ratio keeps your blood sugar stable. 

What’s Not On The Plate

“Healthy” marketing is often louder than nutrition science. Our expert nutrition team keeps up with the health research trends and works with the chefs in the kitchen to ensure every meal meets the highest quality standard. We’ll never use these ingredients when preparing meals:  

  • No artificial flavors or dyes 
  • No MSG 
  • No soy, wheat, rye, barley, malt 
  • No triticale, brewers yeast 
  • No low-grade proteins  
  • No processed vegetable oils like canola, cottonseed, soybean, or safflower 

What Collaborations Bring To The Table

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some great partners that share our values – we all agree on not cutting corners on quality and maximizing flavor without fillers.  

Halo + Cleaver make sauces that take food from fine to finger-licking. With the goal to give everyone from busy families to devoted macro-counters a safe, simple, savory way to amp up the meals they love to cook, eat and (sometimes) share.  

What You Won’t Find In Their Bottles

Classic condiments cleaned up and spiced up to satisfy a full range of taste buds. 

  • No added sugar 
  • No high-fructose corn syrup  
  • No gluten  
  • No dairy  
  • No soy 
  • No GMOs 
  • No fake stuff 

Bringing It All Together

Our new BBQ Chicken Pizza is the ultimate summertime pizza and a perfect addition to your warm weather dining. Featuring premium chicken, red onion, and cheddar Jack cheese, all brought together by our absolute favorite low sugar BBQ sauce, created by our partners at Halo & Cleaver! The smoky and tangy flavors of the sauce perfectly compliment the other ingredients, making every bite an explosion of summertime flavors. This pizza is the perfect guilt-free indulgence. 

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