7 Fat and Weight Loss Tips for Men

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Dec 15, 2023

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1) Get your Zinc Levels Tested – I do this with most of my clients, especially males. If yourzinc levels are low, you are not maximizing your testosterone. In fact, you may be aromatizing (converting it into estrogen). For gains in muscle mass, increased exercise recovery, improved mood and less risk of “Man Boobs” do yourself a favor and get your levels checked!  Email info@mymetabolicmeals.com if you would like to have you zinc levels tested.

2) Embrace Lactic Acid – Strength training induced lactic acid is great for fat loss. It increases Growth hormone levels and insulin sensitivity. It also raises your metabolic rate for longer periods of time.

3) Hit Your Protein Goal – Improved body comp is just not going to happen without protein. I have clients shoot for a minimum of 1g per pound of bodyweight. That is a minimum and depending on how well they tolerate carbs, I may have them go up to 1.5g per pound. By increasing protein you give your body the building blocks to increase muscle mass and manage insulin.

4) Know What To Consume Post-Workout – This is an important window to take advantage of hormones. For clients that are below 10% body fat I recommend a shake consisting of 50-100g simple carbs such as grape or pineapple juice and 30-50g of protein from whey isolate (assuming they don’t have a dairy allergy).  If they are over 10%, I often recommend 25-40g of l-glutamine and ditch the carbs.

5) Eat more Green Vegetables – The benefits are endless. They will help alkalize your body and give you tons of fiber which also helps to manage insulin (a key fat storing hormone). Green vegetables have also shown to have anti-estrogenic effects. Shoot for 4 servings per day.  We also sell a great Greens Powder for anyone that is interested.

6) Make Sure Your Meat Is Grass FedGrass-Fed Proteins are higher in Omega 3′s and CLA. These key nutrients not only outstanding for your health, but are also potent fat burners! When my clients make the switch to grass-fed, I see a noticeable difference in strength, workout recovery, fat loss and muscle mass.

7) Rotate Your Foods– Did you know that the average American only rotates between 18 foods over their lifetime! Guess what, if that sounds like you I guarantee you have some food allergies. This doesn’t necessarily mean that when you eat an egg your throat is going to swell shut, but food allergies/sensitivities will sabotage your fat loss efforts. I often recommend that clients get a food panel done to see what they are allergic to. The next best option is to rotate your foods. As a general rule, don’t eat the same foods within a 48-72 hr time frame. This is a great way to avoid developing a sensitivity to a food and insures that you are consuming a broader range of nutrients!

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