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by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Jun 20, 2021

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St-Louis-Magazine-Logo-300x66Those who were caught off guard by the official start of summer may have silently rejoiced when the weather on Memorial Day turned foul, making it okay to keep your clothes on. But now you might find yourself panicking as you change out your baggy winter wardrobe for summer’s decidedly skimpier attire. Waistband a bit too tight? Not ready yet to bare your bod in a bikini? Then maybe it’s time to cede all food planning to Metabolic Meals, a meal delivery system that takes all of the guesswork and, well, work out of eating healthily.

We spoke with the company’s founder, Jason Barbour, just as he was preparing to expand and go national, with a new facility in Overland and deliveries around the country. Several years ago, working in exercise science and nutrition, Barbour found a common problem among his clients: a lack of quality in their nutrition. They may have been making great strides when it came to exercise, but nutrition-wise, they were clueless.  Click to read more

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