Chicken Florentine Pasta

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Jun 20, 2021

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Looking for a light, delicious pasta you can enjoy without any guilt? Look no further than our Chicken Florentine Pasta. Yes, you read that correctly, a light Florentine Pasta. And did we mention it is overflowing with flavor, because it is!

To accomplish this culinary feat, we took the conventional Florentine sauce and made it our own. Unlike a classic Florentine sauce, we skipped the copious amounts of heavy cream and focused on a blend of farm-fresh baby spinach, mushrooms, organic milk, local butter, and just a hint of parmesan cheese – all seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Next, we hand-tossed a delicate amount of our simmered masterpiece with a filling serving of our protein-packed, chickpea penne pasta. Lastly, we topped this enticing blend with a perfectly seasoned, fresh from the grill, chicken breast.

The end-result is a culinary triumph that satisfies even the strictest critic.


All-Natural Chicken, Chickpea Pasta, Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Organic Milk, Parmesan Cheese, White Rice Flour, Butter, Olive Oil, Italian Seasoning, Garlic, Parsley, Red Pepper Flakes, Bay Leaf, Pepper, Sea Salt

Calories 529
Heart-Healthy Fat 13g
Carbohydrates 52g
Protein 51g

Gluten-Free & Soy-Free

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