21’s: The Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercise

by Metabolic Meals

by Metabolic Meals

Updated Nov 2, 2021

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As valuable as the big compound lifts like shoulder presses and rows can be, they just aren’t great for developing the medial deltoids. This is where side lateral raises come in.

To get the most out of side lateral raises consider trying the following:

  1. Train them one arm at a time for a better mind-to-muscle connection.
  2. Keep the arm straight and directly to the side for more medial delt activation.
  3. Use tri-sets with short rest intervals and multiple angles to increase time under tension.

The following exercise combines all three principles from above! By adjusting the angle of your body every 7 reps, you’ll notice a uniquely “different feel” as the leverage changes. Traditional 21’s use a mix of partial and full ranges during the set, but this version actually uses a greater range of motion with each 7 rep change.

Final Takeaway

The delts tend to recover quicker than other muscles and respond well to variety. Use these Shoulder 21’s as an excellent finisher to any upper body workout.

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